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The LoveLife Vision:

Under the direction of Dr. Neil J. Lavender, PhD., Clinical Psychologist, Professor, noted author and N.J. Family Court expert, our vision and passion is to champion strong marriages and families by creating growth and mental health. We provide compassionate and comprehensive counseling to marriages, families and individuals by providing a long list mental health services. Dr. Lavender designed LoveLife to be a one-stop center for all of your family’s counseling needs including psychological assessment, counseling, education and personal growth. In addition to the above, LoveLife is training a new generation of fully-licensed Christian and Christian friendly therapists.

The LoveLife Advantage:

  1. All of our therapists are licensed professionals who are required to receive ongoing training in new and proven treatment techniques. While our services are available to all people, our licensed therapists are all devoted Christians or Christian friendly.
  2. Our patients are encouraged to participate in our focus groups and educational seminars designed to provide additional help in solving our patient’s problems. Groups and workshops dealing with stress-reduction, anxiety and depression management, marriage and parenting are offered on a regular basis and provide our patients with a more intense and effective therapeutic experience.
  3. We are a counseling and educational center for marriages and families; but we are a training center for other counselors and therapists. This makes for a vital and flourishing environment where all of us can grow and prosper.
  4. Our offices are located at The Church of Grace and Peace in Toms River, NJ., a vibrant and family oriented Christian environment offering numerous services to New Jersey residents including world-class pastoring and teaching. With its three campuses, Grace and Peace has a world-wide reputation for its adherence to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  5. Our location within a thriving church gives our clients additional help through Grace and Peace which, if you choose, can be one on one spiritual counseling and discipleship, deeper study of the word through the Institute for Biblical Studies, dozens of small focus groups, a food pantry and clothing ministry. It includes a dynamic family center including a fully-functional facility for corporate events and a Underground Discothèque for teens. For more information, go to

A counseling center in a church? Perfect together!

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