Marriage and Family Counseling

Whether or not people know it, marriage is the single most difficult thing most of us will do in their lives. Healthy marriages not only make for happier couples but have an incredibly positive impact on children. Research is shown that children from healthy marriages tend to also have healthier marriages and live more productive lives. However, according to marriage guru, John Gottman, there will always be unresolved issues in every marriage. Add to that the daily stresses of life in this very busy world, and you have a formula for disaster and a national divorce rate which hovers between 40 and 50%.

Two-Way Approach

Here at LoveLife, we take a two-way approach. At first, we do a thorough assessment which covers family histories, past relationships, patterns of attachment, areas of unresolved differences and other relevant psychometric information. Based on this information, we formulate an effective treatment plan giving our clients the tools they need to get through the most difficult problems. At LoveLife, we recognize that most marriages suffer from unresolved differences. Unresolved differences can lead to less intimacy, more fighting, and can’t even spread to infidelity, substance abuse, depression and anxiety. Furthermore, we believe that marriage begins with irreconcilable differences and should never end with them. Unresolved differences can lead to frustration and then to anger and eventually bitterness if left unresolved. When couples resolve toxic areas of irreconcilable differences, we find that the fighting along with the anger and bitterness disappears. And at LoveLife, there is no blame or condemnation because we recognize that marriage is hard for everyone. You will feel supported and empowered, never criticized.

Another problem is that most people are unprepared for the problems which they encounter in their marriages. So along with the marital counseling, couples also receive training in the basics of marriage. We’ve included this piece because couples can have unrealistic ideas of how marriages work. We found this educational component to be critical in the success of our patients. Sometimes even after a few training sessions, marriages begin to explode in growth and intimacy.

This is all part of the LoveLife advantage!

When There Are Complications

Finally, our highly skilled and compassionate psychotherapists can also identify other problems in marriage that often go unidentified. For example, recognize that a lot of marriages fail because of intimacy fears and personality disorders for example.

And don’t forget to check out Dr. Lavender’s Psychology Today marriage column entitled “And the Two Shall Become as One.”

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