Neil J. Lavender
Neil J. LavenderPhD. Clinical Director
Dr. Neil J. Lavender is a licensed psychologist specializing in family and relationship issues. He has been working with New Jersey family since 1975. He is a court-appointed mental health expert in children and family relationships and has consulted with businesses around the country regarding personnel relational issues since 2000. He is the co-author of Toxic Coworkers: How to Deal with Dysfunctional People on the Job, The One Way Relationship Workbook… and Impossible to Please: Dealing with Perfectionistic Coworkers, Controlling Spouses and Other Incredibly Controlling People. The best seller, Toxic Coworkers, has now been published in 6 different languages and has been featured on Fox News, NPR, Fortune Magazine, Psychology Today Magazine –which he currently writes for–, Cosmopolitan magazines and hundreds of other media outlets. He is currently researching and writing his next book: . . .And the Two Shall Become as One: God’s Plan for Your Christian Marriage.
Dr. Lavender is also a Full Professor of Psychology in the Department of Social Science at Ocean County College in Toms River, N.J. specializing in courses on Child Psychology and Abnormal Psychology.
He received his Ph.D. from the Graduate Faculty in The New School for Social Research majoring in Personality and Social Psychology. He has a master’s degree in psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.
A deeply devoted Christian and a graduate of the Institute for Biblical Studies, he is the creator and Clinical Director of LoveLife Family Counseling located at the Church of Grace and Peace where he trains and directs Christian and Christian friendly counselors as well as conducting educational and training seminars on marriage and family. Here, he lives out his passions for promoting healthy marriages and families.
Married to Maureen since 1972, he has 3 children and 9 grandchildren which are the best parts of his life and have been the inspiration for championing marriage and families.